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  1. Allen Hinton
    My name is Allen Hinton I am 14 and I live in Houston, Texas. I make beats (instrumentals) , engineer ,produce, and dj for artist in my area.I own a small studio in my room and i know how to use Pro Tools 9 and 10 and Mixcraft 5 and 6. I will like to work with you all because I planned to do this for the rest of my life. My future plans after high school is to go to college and earn my Bachelors Degree and to open my own studio. Please contact me at any time at ******* or ***-***-**** Thank You
  2. Anthony
    Hello Sofia My name isAnthony Vela about to finish school at Conservatory of Recording Arts & Sciences in Tempe, Arizona and go on a internship to earn college credit. I am contacting you if their would be any availablility to obtain a internship and eb able to gain expereince at your legendary studio. Im a Texas native and it would help out with being close from home in Mercedes, Texas. Thank you for your time and patiences and you may contact me for further questions at my email:
  3. Terry "tejh" Johnson
    Hello, I'm interested in information about recording a live band in the studio. Are we able to do that at yofacility and if so, what is your pricing? Your website and history are amazing; such an inspiring webpage. I look forward to hearing from you all. Thanks in advance for your time and help. Terry "tejh" Johnson Tried In Fire Band
  4. Woody
    My late mother-in-law's last request was to have some music she recorded on cassette to be converted to cd. She is a retired music teacher. I was wondering if this would be something you could help me with?

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